What is Exposure Therapy?

    During exposure therapy, you face the situations or people that flare up your anxiety. This can be overwhelming and seems impossible to do on your own. It’s easy to become discouraged and hopeless; sometimes avoiding the anxiety triggers doesn’t help anymore.

    Exposure therapy is a self-paced yet systematic, highly structured approach to facing your fears. You will have support and guidance from me throughout the process. You don’t have to do it alone! I have seen amazing results with many clients.

    Who Does it Help?

    Exposure therapy helps people who struggle with anxiety, which can be described as feeling constantly nervous, on edge, irritable, hyper, having insomnia, shakiness, or suffering from a general sense of overstimulation.

    Exposure therapy empowers you to confidently and comfortably re-engage in activities, places, and situations that previously appeared to be undoable. Some of these struggles include:

    • Social anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Fear of being in public, crowds, or large spaces
    • Relationship conflict
    • Panic attacks
    • Debilitating phobias (public speaking, flying in airplanes, animals and insects, riding elevators, driving, etc.)
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Addiction

    Exposure therapy liberates you from the shackles of fear and gives you your life back.

    How Does it Work?

    Each fear takes approximately 10 sessions to treat.

    Through a structured protocol, we determine the specific parts of your life you want to improve. We begin by practicing toleration of the less difficult situations and work our way up from there.

    We create a series of exercises for you to do throughout the week. The activities include real life exposure as well as imaginary practice. Weekly check-ins monitor your progress. This continues until your anxiety is either tolerable or completely gone!

    Time Commitment

    Exposure therapy requires daily homework for most clients. Exposure therapy clients spend approximately 15-30 minutes at home every day throughout the treatment period. I provide you with worksheets and forms to track your progress.

    We can meet for either 50 or 75 minutes per session. People who attend longer sessions usually need fewer overall and see faster progress.

    This Stuff WORKS!

    Even though it is difficult work, I love seeing the amazing progress people make when they truly immerse themselves in this process.

    I can honestly say I watch people overhaul their lives with this treatment. Most noteworthy, they also reclaim their power. This almost always happens within a few short weeks.

    Exposure therapy is a scientifically validated and highly effective method. I truly believe in the potential it has to change your life for the better, forever!

    What’s Next?

    Schedule your 15-minute consultation above to begin exposure therapy. I’ll talk to you soon!