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    You might be a highly sensitive person (HSP) or an introvert if…

    People say you don’t talk enough or tell you you’re too sensitive. You are easily overstimulated by loud noises, crowds, temperature changes, multitasking, and strong smells. Anxiety plagues you. You feel stressed and too busy all the time. It seems like you’re always sick. You need time alone yet you feel lonely. You don’t know what you want or how to ask for it. You have unexpected episodes of anger or crying because you’re so overwhelmed. You soothe the pain by overindulging. You don’t feel understood.

    Being highly sensitive, also known as sensory processing sensitivity, is a genetic trait in 15-20% of the general population!

    “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” – Voltaire

    But don’t forget that being sensitive and/or quiet is a gift:

    You’re intuitive. Kind. Openhearted. You value genuine, honest relationships with a few close people. Personal growth and reflection are important to you. You love others and think deeply. You’re conscientious and generous. You look for beauty in the mundane. You thrive when you’re in your element.

    High sensitivity is summarized by the acronym D.O.E.S. The letters stand for Depth of processing, Overstimulation, Emotional Reactivity, and Sensing Subtleties. Read more details here.

    You don’t need to “toughen up” to feel better!

    These capacities already lie within you; through our work together, you can access them:

    You are a complex, interesting person, proud of your dynamic inner life. You’re content on most days and know how to survive the difficult ones. You prioritize what needs to be done and let go of the rest. You seek help when it feels too hard to do it alone.

    You can truly be ok with yourself, the ups and downs of everyday life.

    You will show others that your needs are important, practicing self-respect and encouraging them to do the same. You embrace yourself: mistakes, flaws, everything.

    You will intrigue others with your empowerment. You’ll find yourself surrounded with people who genuinely treasure you. They will recognize that you have a unique gift.

    With patience, persistence, and the right tools, I know this is possible for you. I don’t just think it; I know it.

    About elizabeth fox butler PsyD

    I am a clinical health psychologist, a mind mender, and a sensitive person whisperer. I’m an HSP and an introvert who learned self-acceptance and daily energy management through my own personal healing.

    With me as your guide, we will explore your past, present, and future so you can live easier today. We will find meaning in your pain and shine a brighter light on joy and peace.

    You will discover that your complex inner life (all of it!) makes you who you are, and the person you are is lovable. Period.

    You deserve to know the fascinating, awe-inspiring parts of yourself. You deserve to be accepted and cherished. Most of all, you deserve to feel better. Starting now.

    Let's connect online and get started!

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