• Intuitive Eating is Incompatible with Diet Culture

    Intuitive Eating (IE) is NOT a way to avoid eating chocolate! I recently received a newsletter from an HMO describing their interpretation of “intuitive eating.”

    The article was riddled with diet culture rules and presented IE as a method to stay in “your recommended calorie range” (code for the unrealistically thin ideal).

    This is a major misconception of IE and further perpetuates harmful diet culture-imposed effects, such as rapid weight cycling and weight stigma. To learn more, check out my list of holistic resources here.

    Be wary of anyone who presents IE as a way to control weight, which will only fuel the endless diet-binge cycle. By the way, if you’re caught in that cycle, it is not. your. fault.

    If you want chocolate, consciously choose to eat some damn chocolate. If you’re interested in learning more about healing your relationship to food and your body, you can contact me to schedule an intake call or do some reading on your own.

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