The Intake

    If you’re a highly sensitive person or an introvert, watch this video for a little bit of information about how the first session will go. The simplicity of the initial process might surprise you!

    Making You Comfortable as a Highly Sensitive Person or Introvert

    1. We will briefly cover confidentiality expectations and office policies, giving you another chance to clear up any confusion and ask about my credentials. This is also an ongoing conversation and I invite you to continue to ask related questions anytime.
    2. After reviewing your intake questionnaire, which you’ll complete online before we meet, I narrow down a few questions specific to your goals and situation.
    3. I’ll gather some very basic mental health background information.
    4. We’ll talk in more detail about your hopes for therapy and collaboratively define 1-3 reasonable, tangible treatment goals.
    5. I’ll share my ideas about the best coping tools and treatment approaches that will help with your individual needs.
    6. We’ll wrap up by checking in about your experience of the intake and discuss scheduling another session. If you’d be better served in a different setting or by another professional, I’ll provide you with those resources.

    It’s that easy!

    That’s all there is to it. The initial sessions is meant as a meet-and-greet, assessment/planning meeting. It is only an intake appointment and does not lock you into attending any further appointments.

    If you have further questions about what to expect, contact me using the form on this page and I’m happy to answer them.