What is Dialectical?

    What does “dialectical” mean? It means that things are rarely, if ever, as black and white as we think. 

    HSPs and Introverts

    Highly sensitive people might interpret strong, intense emotional reactions as symbolic of extreme thoughts or surroundings. However, our reactions are usually more intense than the situation itself.
    Introverts tend to over-identify as “recluses,” “loners,” and engage in other self-denigrating name-calling. Whether done humorously or not, oversimplifying yourself can be harmful; it neglects the dynamic, complex makeup of each person.

    Why Overcomplicate it?

    In reality, there is usually either a happy medium or a combination of multiple, mixed factors.

    Let’s use grief as an example:

    While grief seems like a primarily negative state, if we deeply miss someone or something we’ve lost, that’s also a symbol of how connected we felt to them. Additionally, it’s an indication that their presence lives on through our caring and appreciation for the value they added to our life.
    Looking at grief through a dialectical perspective, you see that it isn’t all bad.

    Practically Speaking

    Offhand, I can think of a few sayings that embody this approach:
    1. Two sides of the same coin
    2. A double-edged sword
    3. Looking at the grey area
    4. Opposites attract
    5. Yin and yang

    What if I’m not grieving?

    This philosophy applies to most of life’s major challenges, including divorce, losing a job, moving, having a child, and being a student. You can experience both intense stress and tremendous happiness from moment to moment.

    How Does it Work?

    The key is slowing down. Don’t look at your day as one whole unit; see it as a collection of tiny happenings. Feel the warmth of the sun beaming on your skin at the same time as you scramble to finish your homework. Simultaneously notice your grumpy mood and appreciate the kindness of others.

    Share Your Thoughts

    I could go on and on for days about this concept, but I’ll stop here to give you a chance to chime in. Can you think of more? Please share in the comments on my Facebook page or below.