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    Parent Healing

    I help parents struggling in their relationship to their children. Some signs that you could benefit from my work include:

    • reactivity
    • persistent arguing
    • annoyance at “small” things
    • difficulty granting your children freedom
    • uncertainty regarding what is “developmentally appropriate” behavior
    • inner conflict regarding asserting boundaries
    • disagreements about parenting in front of your children
    • other parent-child challenges

    My approach focuses on healing your own long-standing deepest wounds in order to:

    • reduce tension within by resolving inner conflicts
    • increase peace in your family relationship(s)
    • improve confidence around parenting decisions, both individually and in co-parenting relationships
    • integrate and better understand childhood trauma and its intergenerational impact

    While I do emphasize the parent-child dynamic by trying to comprehend all of the contributing factors, I do not focus on fixing children’s behavior. If you’re struggling with problematic behavior and want direct intervention in that regard, please seek a service called “Parent Coaching.” If you’d like to strengthen your own comprehension and parenting satisfaction through in-depth self-reflection, working with me is a great option.